I’ve been one of those YouTube guys for 6 years now. Made more different types of videos than I’ve had hot dinners and have finally realised what I want to do with my life. I have had more hot dinners than I’ve provided content variety but bear with me…

I feel like sometimes, Travel Vlogging and Blogging gets wrongly categorised on the internet as people simply showing off about how many fancy hotels and private beaches one ventures to. I’d like to think of this more of a lack of understanding about how the internet has made this a reality for the youngsters of today.

Ever since I was the class clown at school refusing to believe that at some stage or another, I might have to start acting my age, I always let my mind wonder into the realms of ‘What if’. I listened to the call of ‘You must get these grades and then study these degrees’ and often thought to myself; is that really it? I searched for alternatives and only one thing really interested me enough for me to focus enough of my time. Creating. At first this was simply talking about nonsense over the top of some video games, but over time this has progressed and now I am a self taught editor, self taught travel film maker, and self taught photographer. Of course this all sounds very professional, but without a bit of confidence in your talents, who’s really going to care about what you have to say?

I always struggle with looking at myself as a professional. But with six years of experience now, over 600 Instagram posts and Fifteen hundred videos later, I think It’s safe to say I know what I am doing. I love exploring new places, meeting new people, following Chelsea Football Club, and genuinely trying to spread and bring good vibes to wherever I go and whoever I am with.

Welcome to my page. Here you will find out in great depth about what I am up to travelling the world, how I do it, and what I do and don’t like about certain experiences. You will find lots of different types of stuff on my site. From video, to photo, and then the more in depth written pieces where I love to get lost in creative writing and developing my memories even more.