Well this is new! Welcome to my new website, welcome to my first EVER Blog post. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and I’m super stoked I’ve waited until now because recently I have rediscovered my passion and love for writing in a big way. From writing down all my morning thoughts to clear my mind, to creative writing and digging deeper into my thoughts. It allows me to engage in a whole new dynamic not just with my own experiences, but for you guys to get a deeper level of understanding and knowledge from what I am up to also.

So for those of you new here or who know nothing about me let me tell you a few things. My name is George Benson, I am 23 years old and I have a burning passion for adventure, filming and living the best life I can every single day. This is a very open ended statement I know but you’ll understand more about my mind-sets as you invest more time in the posts. Some days I wake up and don’t necessarily want to work. I feel very lucky to have this job so this doesn’t happen often. But if it does and nothing is of urgent importance, I read. This is something new for me. I neglected reading and acquiring new knowledge for far too long. It excites me, motivates me and above all else fuels my creativity more than anything has before. I am back uploading daily videos to YouTube. I am sure this is where most of you know me from but if not, welcome and I hope you like the look of the site!

Travel is my main thing. I’ve been travelling frequently now for almost two years and those have been the two most exciting years of my life. I have recently gotten into tattoos and have had five since June. My first two pieces were ‘Never Forget’ and ‘Carefree’ in small script by the very talented artist Romeo Lacoste, Los Angeles. These two phrases remind me to not forget the past, but the ‘Carefree’ resembles living the present day and not focusing too hard on what the future has to offer. Only the present can affect what happens tomorrow so I try and make sure that I do the best I can every day to make tomorrow another good day.

It may all sound like the empty words we see on a lot of social media posts, but ever since I adopted these attitudes a few months ago, my overall happiness has increased ten-fold, my social life has improved ten-fold and now even my productivity has you guessed it increased… ten-fold.

As to what you can expect here; I will be posting every other day for the next ten days, then every three/ four days after that. Most of my posts will be travel related, photography related and delving deeper into my though process, mind-sets and anything that I think could be of relatable interest to you. I love writing and can’t wait for you guys to get engaged and involved with future posts.

Please let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like to see me write about.

Thanks and again, WELCOME!